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We were fortunate enough to meet the students at L.I.F.E on our March 2013 trip to Haiti. We had a meet and greet and the teens who were able to speak English stood up and asked me various questions. Anything they wanted to ask, they did. Several students who spoke English very well were confident asking many questions. I remember one student, a beautiful young girl, said she hoped to see me more so we could become friends. Not all the students at L.I.F.E could afford a uniform t-shirt, and one young boy said he would like for everyone to have a uniform. Magic Beans provided the funds for each student, unable to afford a shirt, to get one. We were also able to donate many English dictionaries that had been collected by friends and family.

L.I.F.E lacks basic resources like many schools in Haiti, but it’s very important to Pastor Jude (pictured below in the blue button down shirt and black slacks) to teach the students proper English and French. We’d like to provide English/French speaking materials for the students at L.I.F.E as well as support their school and program with basic supplies. In July 2013, there will be a graduating class and we’re looking forward to helping out with their graduation festivities. Currently, we’re getting their diplomas and certificates printed, and they’re looking pretty snazzy! We’ll also be taking a DVD player and a donated projector for the teachers to use as a teaching tool. Donations are always appreciated to help us provide for their needs.


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In July 2013, we we’re so fortunate to be part of L.I.F.E.’s graduation ceremony. Students in this program must complete 6 cycles of study (English for a Changing World) to graduate. The program takes about 18 months. Several students received certificates of achievement for completing half of the program. In 9 months, we’ll have a new set of graduates! We met these students early this year and it was pretty clear they were very excited to speak English & show what they learned. Their teachers and the director of the program are rightfully very proud of the graduates, as are we!! Over the past several months, MBC has sent funds for books, CDs, uniforms, and a new projector for their class. For their graduation, we provided diplomas, certificates and covered the cost of their caps and gowns while we were there. It was a really lovely celebration, complete with dancing, singing, friends and family.

Here are a few photos we’re happy to share! Enjoy! http://magicbeansco.com/l-i-f-e-language-institute-french-english/



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