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There are many people that help shape the lives of the sweet children Magic Beans has had the joy to meet. Most of these remarkable adults teach and care for these children with no compensation. Donations ensure that the teachers are recognized for all their hard work and dedication. A small salary of $25 per week is what we have tried to help with when we have the funds available. This week, we were only able to send enough for each teacher to receive $20. Please consider donating to these wonderful men and women who expect so little and give so much. If a recurring donation is something you can commit to, we’d be very grateful. Our friend, Dianna Perdue with L.O.V.E for Haiti, has been working hard to fund many larger projects for the school these teachers work at.

Some may or may not know, over 50% of school aged children do not have access to education. Education was intended to be free, at one point, but the Haitian government lacks the funds necessary to provide a free education. Teachers volunteer for the sake of the children. One thing I heard repeated over and over again on my last trip to Haiti was: “Children are our future.” This is not something they take lightly.

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops. – Henry Brooks Adams


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