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In March 2013, we met with the board members over an organization called Organisation Des Jeunes Haitiens Pour Aiden Les Enfants Demuins (O.J.H.A.E.D), which translates to Haitian Youth Organization for Destitute Children. They are wanting to start an after-school program for 29 children.  O.J.H.A.E.D. helps children who go to government school with supplies, food, bags, uniforms, etc. The government has given the children a discount on tuition because O.J.H.A.E.D is helping them.

O.J.H.A.E.D. is in the process of getting a place repaired and ready for their new after school program for the 2013-2014 school year. We would like to help them secure their building by covering their annual rent. Currently, our friend Dehvon Young, is creating another beautiful painting to raise funds for O.J.H.A.E.D.’s rent. When we go back in July 2013, we’ll be able to get more photos to share with you. We’re in the process of compiling of list of needs for the children as well. Any monetary donations Magic Beans’ supporters can provide will directly benefit the children in O.J.H.A.E.D.’s program.




UPDATE 7.27.13

OJHAED’s after school building has been secured for the 2013-2014 school year!! We handed over the annual rent to the directors this week from donations we received from all of you! THANK YOU for lending a hand, opening your hearts and wallets to make this a reality for them. Please visit: http://magicbeansco.com/o-j-h-a-e-d-after-school-program/ for photos of the children at our summer camp and dental clinic.




UPDATE 11.1.2013

Fundraisers and donations through the month of October covered the cost of uniforms and tuition for all the students in the program. Supplies, bags and other necessities will be purchased and distributed on our trip in December. More updates to come!

UPDATE 12.11.2014

O.J.H.A.E.D. is up and running and you may have heard that Feeding Hope, our community feeding program, is operating out of this very building as well. What started out as an after-school program for 29 children has now multiplied to 125 children receiving a meal and attending Bible study after school.



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