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When I was a little girl, I loved my dolls. I still remember their names, their little doll clothes, and a handmade, wooden cradle my grandpa made for them. One of my favorite dolls belonged to my mother when she was a child. Her name was Victoria and I kept her in my coming home dress from the hospital when I was a newborn. She was so special to me. When you rocked her forward, she would let out a sweet little cry. Over the years (mom got her for Christmas in the 60’s), Victoria’s legs had detached a bit from her body. I remember it being like Christmas day when a great aunt of mine worked her magic on Victoria and restored her to ‘like new’ condition. I treasured her.


A little girl & her doll in Savane À Roche in March 2013. 

Last year, when I came back from Haiti, I brought my daughter a doll back from Montrouis. She has a porcelain, hand-painted face & a colorful dress. This pretty doll stays on a shelf in my daughter’s room because she’s outgrown the ‘doll playing’ stage. The thought came to me to bring these pretty dolls to girls who have yet to outgrow the ‘doll playing’ stage, and raise money for our projects at the same time.

Each doll is $20. Every penny over the cost of the doll will be put back into providing for basic necessities for children in need. Please consider giving your little one a treasure of their own from a far away place.





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