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We’re sure you’ve heard by now… there’s a pretty amazing thing happening in Haiti. Our community feeding program called Feeding Hope is dishing up a hot meal to over 150 people every day, Monday – Friday. We’ve talked about this program since December, we’ve anxiously discussed plans with our partner in Haiti, we’ve been raising money for months to make this happen and it’s here. The newness has not worn off. It’s been just a little over a month since the first meal was served and we’re still smiling from ear to ear. Every new photo, every new visitor, every donation and every encouraging word sends us into an emotional state of pure happiness.

When this program was just an idea and plans were being discussed, we remember thinking this was a monumental task to take on. How would we do this? Where would the funding come from? So much to do to prepare. How will we get it all done? What about the ones we can’t feed?? When April returned from Haiti in December, something told us those concerns would be sorted out. Something told us the funding would come. Something told us to have faith…to believe in big dreams. Something told us we just had to take the first step. Our first step was setting a deadline. This program WOULD start by March 1st. We WOULD have the necessary funding by mid-February. At that point, we dared anyone to tell us different. From that moment on, I never doubted our abilities. This was happening and that was that.


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Like we said, it’s been a little over a month and Feeding Hope hasn’t skipped a beat. Meals are made and served every day. Talking about FH with Paul is truly one of the most motivating things ever. To hear him excitedly talk about the future of this program, to discuss growth, the potential to move into a bigger place years down the road…feeding thousands of people… This is more than a program for us. Just like the food is nourishment for their bodies, this program is nourishment for our souls. Sure, there are projects we have been incredibly proud of in the past. But Feeding Hope is different. We’re not even sure we can explain HOW it’s different…but it is. It’s the evolution of our projects that brought us to this point.

This week, Soles4Souls had a team in Montrouis. April’s journey to Haiti started with S4S. They distribute shoes all over the world, but they’re SO much more than that! This week’s team served meals at Feeding Hope. We could gush on and on about how amazing that is to us! After serving lunch, they washed feet and distributed shoes to dozens of children. Dozens of our children with the after school program. The beauty of this still rocks our world!!  There aren’t adequate words to explain what this means to us. There are no words.

We’ll end on this note… if you’re looking for a program to help, if you’re interested in giving to a good cause, if your heart tells you give back, please consider Feeding Hope. Every penny of your donation goes to feed those community members in need.

Photos courtesy of Karin Pfisterer-Leaver

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