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And another month is closing! These monthly updates have become something to look forward to! It’s a way for us to recognize a cool milestone and track the progress and growth along the way.

This month, 3,080 meals were served up. The numbers will always make our hearts swell. We wish we could be there every day to help, but since that’s not possible, we look forward to photo updates! This month, we had a few housekeeping things to attend to and another Soles4Souls group visited!

First, at the beginning of May, we held an online campaign to raise money for new tables. We were in need of an additional table for the children to sit at (bringing that total to 3) and we needed a table inside to put the food on after it’s been prepared. We had been putting the bowls on the ground inside before they were distributed to the children and we really needed to get them on tables. Within a day, we raised the money and sent it on to Paul. He had the tables built the very next day because HE ROCKS!

tableMAY1 tableMAY2 tableMAY4 tableMAY3

As you can see in the last photo, bowls still remain on the floor. April’s bright idea was to add a shelf, but after consideration, Paul decided to have an L shaped table built instead, which makes a heck of a lot more sense.


Another housekeeping repair was the gate that opens into Feeding Hope. It wasn’t too stable and posed a danger to the children if it were to fall over. Not terribly exciting, but necessary nonetheless! Hey, not all progress is ‘jump-for-joy’ progress. Some progress is just ‘get-it-done-necessary’ progress! These expenses quickly add up, which is why monthly donors are so crucial.

Like I mentioned above, another Soles4Soles group stopped by last week! They had a distribution in Pierre Payen that morning and spent some of their afternoon passing out meals. I think we have made it abudantly clear how much this moves us. Words just don’t do it justice. So, so thankful!!


It’s been another FULL month at Feeding Hope. Next month, our team will be back and we can hardly wait! We have one request and that’s to help get our cooks new closed toe shoes. Right now, they cook in front of an open flame with open toe shoes and they frequently get burned. We’d like to provide 6 pair of new Crocs or Crocs style shoes for them. If you’d like to donate cash money, please visit www.magicbeansco.com. If you’d like to send a gift card to Kohl’s, Famous Footwear, Wal-mart or Target, we’ll gladly accept them at 3319 Esters Road #2095, Irving, TX 75062.

Happy May from Feeding Hope!

We’ll leave you with this quote: The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little. – Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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