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We just got back from Haiti last Saturday and we celebrated Feeding Hope’s 4 month anniversary while we were there. You’ve never celebrated a 4 month anniversary?? Well, you’re missing out! From previous posts, you may know…we celebrate a lot of things! And why not? The days will pass regardless…might as well cheer your way through life.

Feeding Hope July 2014



And speaking of cheering…how about we all put our hands together for 10,000+ meals!! Yes, at the close of June, Feeding Hope had served over 10,000 meals to the community of Montrouis. Out of our humble blue building, cooks dish out thousands of meals every month. What a blessing!!! I am truly grateful to be part of this.

FH4month1 FH4month2


FH4monthcake FH4month4 FH4monthEDIT


*photos courtesy of Kristin Lee


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