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Where did this month go?! Goodness…time really flies when you’re having fun! I’m happy to report that we actually got to spend time at Feeding Hope this month. Feet on the ground, passing out bowls and pouring juice, eating cake, listening to the sweet music to our ears…the kids singing! I’ve posted a couple blogs about Feeding Hope’s 4 month anniversary and our interview video, but a few other things happened this month, too.

FH4month2 cake1 cake2 cake3 cake4

First, we served 3,450 meals this month, bringing our total to approximately 13,950 meals. Pretty exciting!! I’m so proud of how hard everyone works for this program. You can’t even imagine the physical labor. I’m constantly in awe of how giving community members are with their time…especially if they’re volunteering for the simple fact that ‘it’s a kids’ program’ and many of the volunteer cooks will tell you they enjoy being part of such a special program. It makes me proud of them, first and foremost, but I’m also proud of Paul, I’m proud of the hardworking men and women with OJHAED’s after school program. It has definitely been a team effort to keep things going.

Next, Grace & Glory’s founder Tanna Clark and her team visited Feeding Hope mid-July and distributed 150 hygiene packs to the children.

(Photo courtesy of Grace & Glory)


Project: House of Hope included Feeding Hope’s children in a dance / yoga class just this week. They were glittered up and twirling away in their new ballet shoes. I joked that they would probably still have glitter on them when I see them again in November! haha

(Photo courtesy Kathy McLaughlin)


Like I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, Kristin put together a video on Feeding Hope. We interviewed cooks, children, the directors with OJHAED’s after school program, Paul and myself. We really wanted to give people a glimpse of what Feeding Hope is and what it means to the community. Please watch and enjoy! Another month of meals in the books.




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