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Yesterday was North Texas Giving Day. We were excited to be a first time participant but weren’t sure what to expect. NTGD has been annual day of charitable giving for 7 years now. It’s a day where people from around the world (yes, globally) can pour much needed funds into their favorite North Texas non-profits. Many cities/states across the country have days similar to this. The cool thing about our giving day here in North Texas is that donations $25 and over were increased by a huge pool (to the tune of 2 million dollars) of bonus funds.

Being that this was our first year registered, we were a little green about smart marketing approaches. We use Facebook for most social media posts, so we definitely put in work on Facebook. We created newsletters, group emails, tweets, posts and a Facebook event. After all that online fun work, we were ready for the big day. Throughout the day, we reminded people that donations of any amount were accepted, not just $25 and over. We were truly amazed at the amount of donations that came in. Judging by the donation amounts, most people wanted their gift to be increased because the majority of donations were at least $25. I should also mention that while there were a few larger donations, the majority of donations were in smaller increments.

I can’t stress enough that a little becomes a lot when many people are contributing. The smallest donations can change lives in the biggest ways. Can you imagine what would become of the world if people didn’t give because they didn’t think their small donation mattered much? And what if that same attitude was adopted by many? Basically, we have the power to transform our own communities and even communities around the world with affordable donations. That $5 that may seem insignificant to you could provide nearly 10 meals at Feeding Hope for example. That’s 10 meals for 10 people that may not eat otherwise.

What if 370 people vowed to donate $5 every single month? Well, I’ll tell you… this community of givers would cover the current monthly costs at Feeding Hope. That’s a real life example of how a little can do a lot. I encourage you and 369 of your closest friends to consider joining in on this pocket change movement. Because really, when you think about it… $5 per month really is pocket change for most of us, but to many people around the world, it could make a HUGE difference.

-April Cooper, Co-Founder



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