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Hey! April, here. What a month! Progress, construction, visitors, meals, anticipation and lots of love. As I sit here trying to recap it all, and wrap it up for you with a pretty bow, let’s all raise our glasses for 7 months of meals in Montrouis…bringing our total to 24,060 bowls filled! This is truly a ‘wow’ realization for me. There may be a better word, but for now ‘wow’ really sums it up!

This month, Soles4Souls (http://soles4souls.org/) had a team in Haiti. They worked in a stop at Feeding Hope in their schedule. I was excited to see photos from this S4S group because Kelly, the group coordinator from my S4S trip in 2012, was leading this group and it was her first time seeing the program. She messaged me later and told me all the participants loved it. I know we think it’s a special program, but when others visit and love it too, that really makes me proud. We’ll always be thankful to S4S for their support and encouragement.

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Also this month, Pastor Alex Andrade from Brazil has been working with Paul on several of our projects, Feeding Hope being one of them. He has been able to visit the kids frequently during his stay. Alex wanted to help us expand the area where the kids eat and also update their kitchen. They will still be cooking over coal and their kitchen will still be outdoors, but there is now a considerable amount of shade with a more permanent tin roof structure, as well as concrete on the ground in the cooking area. We have a few new photos that we’ve been waiting to reveal once the updates are complete. Alex has definitely been a blessing to Feeding Hope and various other projects. We are very fortunate to have his help!

Here are a couple photos from Alex’s visits at Feeding Hope. We’ll save the construction updates for another blog. 😉

alex1 alex2 alex3 alex4 alex5 alex6



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