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The kitchen at Feeding Hope has received a facelift thanks to Pastor Alex! Now, they have a concrete floor and a much sturdier tin roof. The kitchen area has been pushed back just a little giving the cooks more room to work in.

Here’s the palm ‘roof’ they were using before for shade.


Here’s their new tin roof.

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Not only did the kitchen get an update, the area where the kids eat was expanded, too.

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Our program is growing and we’re so thrilled to see the changes and updates as the months go on. It’s humbling to see so many people help for the good of the community and especially for the children. Kesnel ‘Paul’ Toussaint, MBC co-founder & project director, works incredibly hard – not only for Feeding Hope, but for all of our programs. It’s pretty incredible to see what a few dedicated folks can do if they set their minds to it.


So, what do you think ?