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The holidays are quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming season of giving. If you have a few people on your list that are difficult to shop for – maybe they don’t want or need for anything – you may consider making an honorary gift in their name. What is an honorary gift? It’s a monetary donation made in the name of a friend of family member.

Your honorary gift can be made in ANY dollar amount, but we wanted to list out a couple specific items for you to consider when making your donation.

  • To cover the cost of one cook’s salary at Feeding Hope for a month – $65
  • To provide meals for one child for one month – $20
  • To provide one bag of rice at Feeding Hope – $24
  • To provide one bag of beans at Feeding Hope – $43

When we receive an honorary donation, we’ll send a beautiful card to the honoree to let them know a gift was made in their name. If you decide to donate a dollar amount from the list above, we’ll tell them what their gift provided. If you decide to make a donation for another amount, we’ll let them know exactly how many meals will be purchased in their name.

So, how do you make an honorary donation?? Just click the DONATE button. From there, you’ll go through your usual steps. In the comment/memo box of your donation include the honoree’s name and address & we’ll take it from there.

Give a meaningful gift to your loved ones this year for Christmas. Gifts of this kind help us continue our mission of providing basic necessities to children in need. 125 children and 25 elderly and disabled community members rely on Feeding Hope every day and it is our honor and privilege to help them with your help.

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