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First things first! November marks another milestone… we flew right past 25,000 meals!

Yep, Feeding Hope has served 27,260 meals to date!

We had an exciting month at Feeding Hope. After months of blog updates sharing different visitors every month, we were finally there again in person. It was so great to see the many updates that had taken place since our last visit in July. The eating area has expanded all the way past the gate and as you may remember from previous blog posts, the kitchen area has a new concrete floor and a sturdy roof and walls. Their kitchen area is much larger and more functional now. We’re very thankful to Pastor Alex for working so hard on these projects during his visit in October!

We were overjoyed to see Roges (FH’s Bible Study Teacher) preach out of The Jesus Storybook Bible to the children. Our friend, Tanna Clark with Grace & Glory, left many copies of this children’s bible at Feeding Hope on one of her visits. It’s so precious to see the children listen so intently during bible study.

We also spent a couple mornings at Feeding Hope gathering more information on our volunteer cooks and other staff members. It was really great to hear that they enjoy working for such a special program without any expectation. That’s truly a rare quality to find in people. Hearing that they arrive at 7:30-8 AM to prepare for lunch and usually don’t finish up until 4 PM was quite an eye-opener. It really just validated the fact that they deserve to be compensated, even though we already knew that. Because of limited resources, we have only been able to commit to 3 paid cooks and 2 paid staff members. 9 other community members working at Feeding Hope are volunteers. Their tasks include inventory, serving, delivering meals to the elderly, cooking, activities with the kids and Bible study. We were able to get a clearer picture of who does what and how much time they spend there.

Now that Feeding Hope has been up and running for 8 months, we’re working on finding a way to get the volunteers compensated every month. They deserve it and we know they’ll appreciate being recognized for all their hard work. Not only that, having a stable place to work will only increase morale. We’ve created a new program for supporters to get involved and help us repay the workers for all they have done for the children and elderly in their community. Later this week, we’ll share all the details! Please be patient as we get the website updated!

In the meantime, check out some recent photos!


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