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Hello! We have a trip coming up in less than 2 months with Zanmi Project and Magic Beans Brazil. Before every trip, we like to outline various needs and wants based on the projects and activities we have planned. If you are the type of giver that loves to shop and provide in-kind donations rather than monetary donations, these posts are for you!

March’s trip will be chock-full of activities and projects. Feeding Hope’s one year anniversary celebration, Nouvelle Vision will have new pews built, several activities with the children at New Hope… it’s sure to be a great week!

Magic Beans will also provide more LuminAID solar lights to people in need in the community. We’ve received feedback from the community members that received the lights in November and they all loved that it kept them from having to buy kerosene for their lamps. One way you can help is to donate toward the cost of the lights, any little bit helps!

In-Kind Needs List:

  • Children’s Pain/Fever Reducer, other chewable children’s medicines
  • First-aid supplies – band-aids, neosporin
  • Children’s underwear – boys/girls all sizes
  • Sewing Supplies – Needles, thread, sewing kits
  • Full size body wash
  • Kitchen utensils of all kinds

Please contact us directly if you have any of these items to donate!





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