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1. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
Since the start of Feeding Hope, the main challenge has been sustainability. How do we make this necessary community program sustainable? Knowing how crucial this is, it’s been one of our main goals for 2015. Early 2014 when Feeding Hope started, we had a dream to feed people that may not eat otherwise. It was more of a short-term fix for a very real problem for many people living in Haiti. After seeing how important this program was to so many people, young and old, we really had to start evaluating solutions to make this program long-term and sustainable.
One obvious, but tricky solution would be to grow our own food. We looked into the idea of a plantain yard. The idea was to purchase a plot of land and begin growing plantain trees. The children at our program aren’t served plantains on a day to day basis, but this yard would produce income with the sell of the crops. This income would be filtered right back to Feeding Hope. While this is still an option down the road, we decided to put that idea on hold for a few reasons. Crops MUST be maintained properly and regularly, funds must be available to purchase the land and we have to consider the length of time from planting to harvest. We discussed growing veggies at Feeding Hope but we lack the space for a proper garden, and again, the vegetables would have to be properly maintained.
So, here’s where we had to put our thinking caps on. How can we generate income, reduce monthly costs and turn Feeding Hope into a sustainable program?

Here’s our solution:

We will open a store in Montrouis. This store will have shelves stocked with beans, rice and other non-perishable items. We’ll shop at our own store for these items for the feeding program, but it will also be open to the community. We’re also happy to have three of our volunteers from the feeding program work at the store and receive a salary. Keeping the same hardworking people involved in every facet of the program means the world to us. We know they are emotionally invested right along with us and they care about the well-being of the children.
Over the next few months, we invite you to follow along with us on this adventure as we get the store stocked and opened for business!
We’re in the very early phases of fundraising and we could use your help.
If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can click the DONATE button just to the right on this page OR you may mail in your donation to: P.O. Box 192156, Dallas, TX 75219-2156.
* one proposed location directly in downtown Montrouis on Rte. Nationale #1


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