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*Matt Rideout’s team pictured with the children at Feeding Hope. 

Hi, friends!

Well, summer is upon us! For many here in America, that means family vacations, sleeping in late, leisure schedules and fun in the sun. For many of our friends in Haiti, summer is another season of hot, hot days and very hard work.  We’re pretty sure no one works harder than our cooks and volunteers at Feeding Hope! This program would not be running today without them. I guess you could say they are receiving a bit of a summer break as well. Starting in June, Feeding Hope reduced the number of meal services every month. Rather than 5 days per week, we’re providing meals 3 days a week. This puts us at about 500 meals per week. Sadly, this is a schedule we had to resort to due to lack of resources. This was not a decision made lightly. Many children and elderly community members depend on Feeding Hope for their meal security. Without this program, many of the children go without eating. This is a very sad fact and our hearts break at the thought. We continue searching for options and support for Feeding Hope. As you can imagine, fundraising to cover the monthly expenses is a full-time job. Our responsibility and commitment to this community is immense.

A couple highlights this month…

At the beginning of the month, Paul picked up a rice donation from Feed My Starving Children for June, July and August. What a blessing!

june2 june1

Feeding Hope also received a visit from a missionary group with Jocum Brasil. Looks like they hopped right in to lend a hand!

June 5 june3

A few posts ago, we mentioned our goal to open Feeding Hope Market Store to help sustain our feeding program: http://magicbeansco.com/2015/04/13/feeding-hope-market-store/.  This plan has been “cooking” – pardon the pun – for some time now and we’ve been working behind the scenes to secure funding for this new venture. We’ll have a lot more to share in the coming months! If you’d like to contribute to the long-term sustainability of this program, please contact us or simply donate through our website. The market store is a very expensive project, but we truly believe this is the best option for Feeding Hope’s future.

We’re so thankful for the friends and supporters that keep this program going month to month. We work extremely hard to raise money for salaries, food and coal & we couldn’t do it without you! Please keep this program in your thoughts and prayers!


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