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April, here.

I wanted to chat a bit about Feed My Starving Children and update everyone on their involvement in Feeding Hope and our partnership with them. Several months ago, we were invited to join a collaborative group with FMSC called CROPPS – Coalition of Relief Organizations Promoting Practical Solutions. This group will “provide a platform where like-minded organizations are able to meet to pray together, share experiences, knowledge, and ideas that can benefit other organizations doing similar work in the community.” Our first meeting is in Port-au-Prince in less than two weeks and we’re excited to be part of this group.

At this meeting, we’ll receive our meal pack allotment for the next few months. It’s really great being able to pick up several months at a time, considering there are transportation costs associated with each trip to pick up food.

Many might think that because we receive rice packs from FMSC that we’re set at Feeding Hope. While we’d love to say that’s true, unfortunately, it isn’t. We continue to fundraise and promote our feeding program because there are many other expenses we are responsible for paying each and every month. We must purchase coal, all of our fresh food, other non-perishable items as well as pay our cooks/staff salaries. We have reduced the number of days we serve meals to try and help cut costs where we can. This was an absolute last resort.

It’s hard to describe how grateful we are to FMSC for their continued support of our program. They have committed to provide meal packs to Feeding Hope for another year. We truly believe that we couldn’t continue to provide in the capacity that we do without their assistance.

Partnerships like these are proof that together we can do more. Everyone has a different role, a different gift to offer. Bringing all of those God given gifts together and using them in a way that benefits others is what it’s all about. It’s what we’re meant to do.

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