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We met with Ryan Ogbedie yesterday. He’s the founder of NachoBirthday – a Dallas based company that provides a crowdfunding platform for people to celebrate their special day.

Taken directly from their website:

Our mission, is to continue to facilitate a platform where people can come and partake in charitable and creative campaigns surrounding the idea and theme of the celebration of life, which will help make life more meaningful for all.

We’re excited to partner up with NachoBirthday. More and more you see people celebrating their birthdays performing random acts of kindness or volunteering their time to charity. We love both of these ideas & we also love the idea of friends and family donating to charity rather than buying gifts that may go unused or returned.

All you have to do is set up a campaign and ask your people to donate on behalf of your favorite charity (we hope that’s us)! We’re a registered charity with NachoBirthday under the “Children” category when you set your campaign.

Oh, and like the name indicates…it doesn’t have to be your birthday. If it’s “nacho” birthday, you can set up a campaign for any special day: a marathon, an anniversary, a graduation, a promotion, your last cancer treatment… you name it. If you’re celebrating life and want to give back, NachoBirthday gives you a perfect platform to do that.

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