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Looks like we just keep on cookin’, huh?? By the grace of God… somehow the meals keep coming! A few weeks ago we were at Feeding Hope. A construction crew, led by Jerry Schmitz, built new tables for our program and they are a BEAUTIFUL improvement. A few of our tables were caving in from exposure to the sun and rain.

Take a look at the project from start to finish in this video made by our dear friend & partner, Kristin Lee with Zanmi Project.

There aren’t really words to describe how grateful we are. We just know that Emily & Jerry have been such a blessing to us.

While we were in Haiti, we celebrated TWO YEARS of meals at Feeding Hope! We asked all the kids to come to the program one evening and we had a movie night. The kids were given glow necklaces and bracelets, candy & popcorn. Our friend, Kari Hughes with Buy the Change generously gave all of the staff members an anniversary bonus. Thank you, Kari! You have no idea what an impact you’re making on a daily basis!!

We have several photos of the kids to share with you but for some reason our website is having a few glitchy issues lately and we’re unable to add images to the photo galleries. It’s been going on a few days, so rather than keep from posting, we decided to post what we can at the moment and share the photos in another post when the interwebs get their act together! 😉

To our sponsors, old and new, we want to thank you for your support!! The impact you’re making is huge. We ask that you spread the word. We have many children needing sponsors (many more than the group we have posted online). It may seem hard to believe, but to provide a child’s monthly meals at our program, it’s only a $20 sacrifice each month.  100% of your sponsorship donation provides meals. We’re not paying overhead in the States, we’re not paying salaries. Every penny is given to Feeding Hope.

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