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Hi, everyone! It’s time for an update!!





We’re rolling through summer time with hopeful hearts. We’ve had several groups visit our program over the past couple months; Feed My Starving Children, Poverty Resolutions and Soles4Souls to name a few. 

We were SO excited to welcome Feed My Starving Children to our program. It was their first visit & we were so proud to show them how our partnership is benefiting so many children in Montrouis. We have been receiving MannaPack meals from FMSC since November 2014. Here’s a little more about the back story: http://magicbeansco.com/2014/11/30/feed-my-starving-children-feeding-hope/

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It’s been quite a special partnership and we’re so thankful. We wrote a blog update last summer and we wanted to share that here again because it still rings true today. http://magicbeansco.com/2015/09/06/together-we-can-do-more/

We’ll highlight a very important point from last summer’s blog – Many might think that because we receive rice packs from FMSC that we’re set at Feeding Hope. While we’d love to say that’s true, unfortunately, it isn’t. We continue to fundraise and promote our feeding program because there are many other expenses we are responsible for paying each and every month. We must purchase coal, all of our fresh food, other non-perishable items as well as pay our cooks/staff salaries.

We still work very hard to provide these program necessities & it’s a team effort spanning from the US to Haiti to Brazil. One of the easiest ways for you or anyone else to help feed these little ones is to sponsor a child. All the details and information needed is on our home page. Your monthly sacrifice is really just a drop in the bucket to most of us but it makes a HUGE impact on one child at Feeding Hope. Your sponsorship provides their food security for the month. There aren’t many other $20 investments that have that sort of impact.

Our team, partnered with Zanmi Project, is preparing for our own summer trip in a couple weeks. We have a request that we need your help with. We’d like to provide blue t-shirts for every child at Feeding Hope. If you know a t-shirt printing company or an individual that would like to help us with 150 blue t-shirts, please let us know. We’re looking for sizes child small through adult medium for children 3-12 years old.

As always, your donations, regular or occassional, are much appreciated. This summer, fundraisers are a great way for your child/teen to get involved helping children in Haiti. If they would like to host a bake sale, make a craft and sell it, host a carwash… there are various ways for our youth to help out and we greatly appreciate your ecouragement!!

Please continue to keep our program in your thoughts and prayers.

With love,

April Cooper

P.S. The web glitch that was keeping our blog from allowing media uploads has finally been corrected. YAHOO!!


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