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Alo zanmi mwen! Hello, my friends!

Things have been moving along at Feeding Hope and we have so much to share with you! You may have seen our Facebook post a few weeks ago…if not, take a seat and we’ll give you the lowdown!

We were in Haiti the first week of August and it was an important trip for several reasons. Big changes have been happening at Feeding Hope! We try our best to coordinate projects with Paul from a distance – being that we’re in the US the majority of the year but it’s always nice to meet in person and discuss the plans! For the past few years, we have rented a space in Montrouis for Feeding Hope. This has been a shared space with a Haitian organization, OJHAED. We’ve outgrown this space and it’s time we move Feeding Hope to our own space down the road. The transition has already started!  Here are a few photos of the progress so far…

Here’s the building/space before work began…

fh house before

Work begins on the concrete wall around the property…

14194329_10154325563442279_294024887_n 14233776_10154325557082279_1463867870_o 14202896_10154325557142279_108070653_o

The painting has begun…the building is getting Feeding Hope’s signature blue!! Lots of meals will be served here!


Magic Beans Brazil secured the annual rent at the new location and our dear friend Kari has donated the funds for a propane stove. The new kitchen will be indoors so cooking with coal would be very smoky & very hot. A propane stove will be a huge improvement for our cooks. The new location is still within walking distance for all of our kids and it’s a very convenient location for Paul as well. If all goes according to plan, we should be up and running at the new place the 3rd week of September.

Stove before:


New propane stove:


Another very important milestone is coming up… 100K meals served! Is this real life??? Oh, we almost forgot to give you meal numbers to date. We’ll get back to the 100K milestone in a minute.





So, like we were saying… 100K is coming up and we MUST celebrate! What was going to be a Back-to-School BBQ has now turned into a Celebrate 100K BBQ. This BBQ will be open to the community and we’ll have a lot more to share in the coming weeks. We would love mini celebrations happening all over among friends, supporters and board members. Not everyone is local and able to attend the celebration here in Dallas but everyone can celebrate wherever you are! Stay tuned for much more!



  1. All of us at Buy The Change are proud to sponsor the new propane stove for Feeding Hope! The 100k meals milestone is amazing. Kudos to everyone involved with Magic Beans, Magic Beans Brazil and Zamni Project. Can’t wait to see the new place next March.

  2. This us fabulous news. I can’t wait to see its new set up …in March too! Congratulations to all of you for making this happen. Go Team Hope!!!!!


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