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Hi, friends!

We’re just two months away from our trip to Haiti and we have a few items on our Needs List, should you want to help out!

On our last trip to Haiti, New Hope’s mother, Lisa asked for the following items:

Baking supplies: measuring cups, spoons, a sifter, a battery operated mixer

Twin top sheets for the kids’ beds

Tablecloths (fabric)

Clothes/shoes for boys – we often get large donations of girls clothes but not near as many for boys

Items we always need:

First aid supplies – band-aids, neosporin, saline solution for cuts/wounds, thermometers

Plastic dishes – cups, plates, bowls

Monetary donations are always needed. We prefer to purchase items in Haiti rather than here in the US and transporting them. You might be surprised what your $20 donation can provide.

If additional items are requested, we’ll add them to this list.

Thank you very much! Mèsi anpil!




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