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We are so thrilled to finally have access to the backend of our website! We have been unable to log in for quite some time but just this week our web issues were resolved and now we’re able to bring you this blog update.

If you follow us on social media you may have seen our recent posts about Feeding Hope’s new land in Haiti. We’d like to share the details of this process with you. Last summer we began actively fundraising to purchase a plot of land in Haiti. Our hope has always been to have a permanent home for Feeding Hope but it takes a lot of time to raise money for projects of this size. The challenge we faced, and still face, is paying the monthly bills while saving for the new land. This is where patience comes in. Days turn into weeks which turn into months. In December 2017 we secured our new property. Until this week, the land sat untouched as we raised more money to begin building. The great part about a bare plot of land is we can build any way we like. The downside is we have to start from scratch which can cost a lot of money. In April 2018 we were given an estimate for construction on the new property. Seeing the numbers can always be a bit discouraging because we know the work it takes to fundraise, but like all the times before, we started reaching out to friends, family and past donors for support. 

We can’t begin to express our appreciation to those of you that have donated. We asked and you came through, like you always do. Your generosity is the reason for all of the big changes happening right now. Our lease at the current rental property will be up September 1st. The timing of everything is really quite miraculous when you think about it! The majority of the funds have been raised for construction and were sent early this week. We do still have money to raise for construction and supplies but the money sent will get a large chunk of the work done and we’re crossing our fingers the children will begin meals in their new home by September 1st. 

Over the next few months we’ll be working to raise the rest of the construction money as well as money to pay off the property in full. One thing we really need at Feeding Hope (which was not included in the original construction budget) is a water basin. This small project will cost a few hundred dollars and will save so much time for our staff. They currently haul buckets of water to Feeding Hope each day. Multiple trips are made up and down the road to get enough water to the program. We’re also building a small bridge which will allow cars to drive in and out of our new property. There isn’t a driveway into the property. You have to park on the road outside and haul things inside. This bridge will help get truckloads of food and supplies in each month. 

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our meal count with you all!  Our last tally was 136,816 meals at the end of June 2017. 

To date, we have served 186,166 meals at Feeding Hope!

There are 207 children registered at our program. Not all 207 children show up every day so the daily meal tally varies anywhere from 120-175 on average. For many of these children, the daily meal they have at Feeding Hope is the only meal they receive. The work we’re doing with your help is extremely important. Because of the generosity of donors the cooks working at our program are able to provide for their families. If you’re interested in becoming a program sponsor it only takes $20 to feed one child for a month. You can setup a recurring donation through our website. 

R U N * F O R * F U N D S 

In September our founder, April Cooper, will be out at Campion Trails for our annual Run for Funds fundraiser. We’re raising money for Feeding Hope and this is a great opportunity to get your family, friends and pets involved in a great cause. April will be walking/running a total of 38 miles to celebrate her 38th birthday. These events will happen over the course of four weekends and you’re welcome to join along on any date listed on the flyer below. If you’re unable to join in person but would like to sponsor a mile, please visit www.magicbeansco.com! Simply click the donate button and sponsor as many miles as you’d like. 

We look forward to sharing Feeding Hope’s progress with you. Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MagicBeansCorp or on Instagram @MagicBeans2012. To find out how you can be part of our growth in Haiti, shoot us an email at aprilcooper@magicbeansco.com. 

On behalf of Team Hope (Zanmi Project, Magic Beans Brazil and Magic Beans) we thank you!! 


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