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Hi everyone!
We wanted to thank you for your support during our Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. We are still blown away by your giving hearts!! It can be a challenge coming up with ways to raise money and we realize it’s exhausting being inundated with requests to give. Even with the timelines full of giving requests, GoFundMe pages left and right, so many great causes to count, you opened your heart and responded to our request and we THANK YOU. Each and every one of you helped feed a child, clothe a child, put a child through school, pay a single mother’s salary at our feeding program, send a sick child to the doctor and many other day to day needs for our programs in Haiti. YOU DID THAT.
Here are a few of our immediate goals.
We humbly ask that you please pray over our goals and envision them, like we do, becoming a reality.
  • Cover our portion of the 1st six months of 2019 for Feeding Hope. This money will cover food, propane and salaries for our cooks.
  • Raise funds to pay off the men that worked so hard to build on Feeding Hope’s property.
  • Raise funds to pay off the balance on our land in Haiti – or at least put a dent in the balance owed.
  • Raise funds to pay off the 2018-2019 tuition fees owed for our children at New Hope Orphanage.

I’ve made a really brief video outlining these specific needs as well:

We’ve decided to keep the Facebook campaign open until 12/21 to try and reach these fundraising goals. At the start of 2019 we can submit what we have raised to be matched by a board member’s employer. This match is separate from the Facebook/Paypal giving day match and will push us that much closer to meeting our goals.
Here’s the link for the Facebook fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/310934292841744/10156598182362279/
Also, donations can be made through our website: www.magicbeansco.com
Be on the lookout for an update on Feeding Hope and the total meal count to date!! We’ll be sharing a new blog post within the next couple days.
– April Cooper


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