Feeding Hope Sponsorships

As you may know by now, Feeding Hope is our community feeding program that serves meals to children, elderly and disabled residents living in Montrouis, Haiti. We have been so blessed to receive support from so many people that see how necessary this program is for many people.

The preparation for lunch at Feeding Hope begins around 8 AM.  The cooks, including the volunteers, are there working from morning to late afternoon. This is most certainly a full time job, and a physically taxing one at that. We want them to know how much we appreciate their work, but we haven’t had the means to employ every worker. Currently, we have 4 paid cooks and 2 paid staff members. There are several 8 volunteers that are responsible for various tasks and they take pride in working for this program even though they aren’t getting paid.

We officially partnered with Zanmi Project, out of South Carolina, to help meet the needs of this program. We say “officially” because ZP has actually been a very big part of Feeding Hope from the beginning. We’re in the process of collecting photos of the children that benefit from Feeding Hope which can be seen in the gallery below. Each child is available for sponsorship at a cost of $20 per month. This monthly donation provides all of their meals for the month.

Should you decide to sponsor a staff member, child or if you’d like provide monthly meals instead, please complete our application for sponsorship and email it to: magicbeanscorp@gmail.com


Feeding Hope Sponsorship Application_2015

S T A F F / V O L U N T E E R   P R O F I L E S


C H I L D   P R O F I L E S (children needing sponsors)