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Feeding Hope has served 30,940 meals to date!


We so thankful and pleased to share that we were awarded a grant from Buy the Change Foundation to cover the cost of a couple updates at Feeding Hope. Their grassroots grant program has not only helped us at Feeding Hope but will also help Liza at New Hope Orphanage as well. More to come on that later!

From BtC’s website: The Grant Program aims to eliminate obstacles to business and family success for artisans and social organizations in developing countries. The goal is to help artisans and groups overcome any barriers that may keep them from being successful in building strong businesses, earning ongoing sustainable income or continuing to serve their communities in a positive way.

Read about 2014’s winners (yay, us!) here:  http://www.buythechangeusa.org/node/985

Originally, we were planning to lay a concrete floor in the kitchen, but Pastor Alex took care of almost all of the kitchen update on his visit, leaving very little to do. With permission from Buy the Change, we were able repair our gate, which was damaged when a truck ran into it and we’re also able to build another table for meal time.

Here’s a photo collage of the gate before repairs. The last photo shows the over-turned pillar.

gate collage 3

Repairs have now been made thanks to this generous grant.

gate3 gate5 gate4 gate1 gate7 gate6 gate8 gate9

Like we mentioned, an additional table has also been built. 🙂 So thankful we’ll start 2015 out with the repairs and additions we were needing.


Ready to eat!! Feeding Hope is operating today by the help and love from so many. Thank you for being part of it and making 2014 so wonderful for so many people in Montrouis, Haiti. Here’s to many more meals served and many more smiling faces!




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