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Hi, friends!

Hope everyone is enjoying their winter! Here in Dallas, we’re bundling up, scraping ice from the windshield and enjoying a couple snow days! Typical February here at home. In Haiti, Feeding Hope is truckin’ along in the usual blazing summer temperatures.

First, we want to thank you for your kind donations after the passing of our eldest meal recipient, Elise. At 111 years of age, she defied all the odds and lived a long, long life. May she rest in peace! We truly appreciate your generosity as we tried to help as best we could with funeral expenses.



Feeding Hope served up 3200 meals this month, bringing our total to 37,660 meals to date!! Quite an accomplishment for this grassroots organization! February may be a short month but it’s still overflowing with love at our community feeding program. Our immense gratitude goes to the staff and volunteers that keep this program running day in and day out. All of our efforts would be for naught without them. If you’d like to help us compensate our volunteers, please take a look at our sponsor program: http://magicbeansco.com/sponsor-a-cook-serve-a-meal-2/. You might be surprised to learn how little you would have to sacrifice to provide a MONTHLY income for a volunteer at Feeding Hope.

This month, rather than the children being served as we typically do, the children were taught to serve themselves and eat buffet style! Taking turns and being patient…that’s what it’s all about when there are that many mouths to be fed.

As we prepare for our upcoming trip to Haiti, we’re excited to celebrate ONE YEAR of meals at Feeding Hope. We’re planning a full day with lots of balloons, gifts, activities and food – a great, big spread – to celebrate. We’ll gladly be trading in our scarves and coats for flip flops and shorts in just 10 short days.

If you’d like to help us in our mission to nourish these little ones, monetary donations are always appreciated and put to good use.

Stay warm out there!!


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