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Over 40 THOUSAND meals in a year! 41,180 to be exact. March’s update is an exciting one for a couple reasons. For starters, we had a team in Haiti this month! It’s always a joy sharing the program with new travelers and revisiting with friends. Secondly, Feeding Hope’s one year anniversary was celebrated in a big way and last but not least, we received our 2nd truckload of food from Feed My Starving Children!

Our team this trip was such a blessing! People from all over, all walks of life, from various organizations…coming together. Keyword: TOGETHER. It’s really amazing what we’re able to accomplish when we work together… Magic Beans, Zanmi Project, Magic Beans Brazil, Buy the Change & Feed My Starving Children joining as one to help a community. It was great spending time at Feeding Hope with this team!

Feeding Hope Beach Day

We talked some about Feeding Hope’s anniversary party in our blog update after our trip, but it’s worth mentioning again that this was no small celebration. Kristin, Baz and Alex painted the exterior of the building to freshen it up for the party. Everything looked great! The cooks outdid themselves with a big spread of food, there were performances including choreographed dance routines and singing and everyone, young and old, was dressed in their very best dress clothes! It was precious!!

The music was loud and the kids were excited. This was the first time most of the elderly meal recipients had seen the program since their meals are delivered to them. Kari (Co-founder of Buy the Change – https://buythechangeusa.org/) brought candy for all the kids and also passed out anniversary bonuses to the cooks and staff members.

There were definitely a bunch of happy smiles!! Standing on the stage, looking out at all these beautiful children…one word came to mind… UNBELIEVABLE! About a year and a half ago this was merely a dream. Now, it’s a reality. Just unbelievable!

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Just this week, we received our 2nd truckload of food from Feed My Starving Children. FMSC asked Paul to arrive on a specific date because they wanted him to meet an incoming team from Chicago. After meeting with Paul, they helped load up all the boxes. Our donation was a little larger this time and we’re so thankful!

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We are constantly amazed by the goodness of people. This year at Feeding Hope has been one we’ll always remember and it’s because so many people have been there when we needed their help the most. Without you, and you…and you… we couldn’t help in the capacity that we do. Thank you!!


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