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It is always such a joy to see Soles4Souls’ teams visit Feeding Hope. It’s an even bigger joy to hear what team members think about the program and how they felt spending time with the kids.


Hannah traveled with Soles4Souls last week and wrote a blog about her experience. Here’s a snippet:

“Seeing the kids at Feeding Hope was amazing. We got there and we had the opportunity to serve them food and hang out and play with them. The food that we served to them were from Feed My Starving Children – from Minnesota. It was crazy to see the opposite end of FMSC. I have been on the opposite end of packaging the food, but to be on the end where I was able to see who was receiving it and how happy they were when the food was placed in front of them — there are no words. It was truly amazing.”
It means so much to us that Soles4Souls includes visits to Feeding Hope in their schedules! We’ll share more about this team and their time spent at Feeding Hope in April’s blog update.
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